Deadly Ties Book Review Tour

Hi. I wanted to let you know that Deadly Ties is on a Book Review Tour, organized by the lovely ladies at Goddess Fish.

Stop by and leave a comment for your chance to win a Gift Certificate.

The tour will run every Thursday, from July 28 to August 18.

Here are the blogs that are participating:

July 28: LibriAmoriMiei
July 28: Stormy Nights Reviewing and Bloggin’
August 4: Liz Gavin’s Blog
August 11: Romance and Authors That Rock
August 11: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love
August 18: Room With Books
August 18: Lampshade Reader

See you on my tour. Thank you for joining me.

This is one of those nail biting moments because… you’re never sure whether what you write will resonate with others. I know my books aren’t for everyone. My books are complex and will keep you guessing. 🙂 I do want to thank everyone who does read and review my books, it truly makes a difference. And it helps make me a better writer. It also keeps me inspired to write.


It’s a truly gripping thriller full of action and suspense involving three generations of women of a family.

Mave Serafi


Fantastic book!… The plot of the story will floor you to the ground… And the characters… they are left to be talked about… This is a page turner of a read right here!…

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Peggy Salkill

Stormy Nights Reviewing and Blogging

…you’re in for a great ride… Deadly Ties has all the best elements of a thriller: suspense, betrayal, false accusations, vengeance, secrets, and murder…

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Liz Gavin

Liz Gavin's Blog

…  reminds me of a loose version of “Clue”- as in trying to guess what’s going on and who did what or how they may be involved.

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Romance Authors that Rock

…involves three generations of women… lots of misdirection and red herrings…

Elaine Cantrall

Hopes, Dreams, Life... Love

The opening of the story grabbed my attention right away.

I mean with a line like this:

“It hadn’t really concerned her that she’d gone to prison because she had in fact killed a man just not the one they sentenced her for.”

I couldn’t help but want to find out the reason why she did that…

Lampshade Reader

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