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May 31, 2022

Lost Tears

A dead girl. Missing gems. Buried treasures.

Dayna comes home under protest. If her aunt hadn’t guilted her, she never would have come to see her ill mother. Their relationship has never been good. At her father’s request, Dayna agrees to search into her mom’s past. A past that is nothing like she imagined—religious zealots, a dead girl, and on her own at age sixteen. They help to give a clearer picture as to why her mom might have chosen the bottle but it doesn’t tell her who the people are or why someone is still trying to hide a forty-year-old death.

Tanner, an undercover police officer, has been asked, off the books, to do some sleuthing for stolen treasures. Walking the fine line of doing what he was trained to do, and keeping it legal, is keeping him on his toes and it turns out running for his life. What he has gotten involved in is way bigger than he imagined.

Dayna meets Tanner in the most unlikely ways but it soon comes to light that although they are working on different cases, their situations are very much connected. Working together, they soon find that trying to do right by a dead girl, dodging bullets, and solve who is behind it all, are keeping them on the run.

Can they identify the girl? And her killer, before he succeeds again?

Lost Tears is book 4 in The Twisted Deception Suspense Thriller Mystery Series. All books in the series have standalone stories. But the story running in the background, the story that connects all the books, will keep you reading. Who is behind sending out the gems and what is their end game? An engaging thriller mystery with some interesting twists. Enjoy!


The Twisted Deception Series

The past is coming back in a way no one saw coming.

Fostered Identity
Shadowed Footsteps
Exploited Innocence
Lost Tears
Last Betrayal

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