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Fall, 2024

October 15th

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Saving Her

‘Oh, my!! Couldn’t put it down…. Loved it. The twists and turns kept me riveted…’ Ingrid V.


He left her a cabin… and a dead body…

Reeling from her father’s death, Reona moves to the cabin at the lake. The fact that he willed it to her is confusing as he swore he’d never leave her any of his businesses or his millions. His dying gesture has her rethinking her attitude toward him… at least until she discovers the tangled mess he has left and the lies it unravels. Her hate for her father is reignited, as is her need to stop whatever game he is playing from the grave.

Mick has been working double duty for a long time trying to get ahead. He and his sister are working two jobs but his mother is draining his bank account faster than he can fill it. Mick has to find a way to end his mother’s dependence on them. But at what cost?

Being neighbors, Reona and Mick find themselves working together to protect their homes but they soon discover something no one should find buried on their property.

Reona digs into her family’s history and that of the lake. The two should never have been connected but Reona is in the middle of something that could destroy her family’s wealth and destroy the small community Reona has come to think of as home.

Someone, though, wants to make sure that the secrets of the past stay in the grave.


In this gripping thriller, Saving Her, book 2 in The Family Heir Looms Suspense Thriller Series, readers are pulled into a twisted tale of family, betrayal, and murder. Enjoy.


“Saving Her was a fantastic read, poignant, intense and captivating… I didn’t want it to end.” Connie Nixon

New Release

March 2024

Toxic Attention

They seem like a normal family with normal issues but someone is trying to destroy that. Again.

Nia is there to save her niece. But she’s not clear from what. As she delves deeper into the mystery, some shocking truths about her family come to light. Is her brother telling her the truth or is he hiding his own dark secret? Her niece has been ill for years but is it really a medical mystery? Or something deliberate? With her brother now suffering the same fate, Nia is in a race against time to find answers.

Tim knows that something dangerous is plaguing his stepsister’s family. He just hopes history isn’t repeating itself.

Nia and Tim must join forces, putting aside the finger pointing and blame, to uncover the truth behind the disturbing events that threaten their loved ones. Who would truly want to harm their family?

In this gripping Prairie Crime Thriller, set in the fictional place of Connemara Alberta, prepare to dive into a psychological rollercoaster of heart-pounding twists and turns. Lose yourself in this

engaging tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy.

“… I really, really enjoyed every word from the beginning right through to the ending I didn’t see coming… Highly recommend.” Banacek


“Wow, that was a fabulous read. I loved the twists and turns that pulled you this way then the other way around. Maggie has a wonderful way with words, keeping you enthralled throughout the book.” Connie Nixon


The Twisted Deception Series

The past is coming back in a way no one saw coming.

Fostered Identity
Shadowed Footsteps
Exploited Innocence
Lost Tears
Last Betrayal

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