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Secrets, Lies, Deceit

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October 4, 2022

Last Betrayal

The one secret she did not know… changes everything.

On her deathbed, Addison’s grandmother tries to tell Addison something important. But all she has done is left a lot of ominous, unanswered questions. In her Will, she has asked Addison to take over the farm and insists she resolve the conflict of the past. Confused and unsure what to do with the little information she has, her mom then drops a bombshell about who she is and where she grew up. And she has jewels worth millions. Determined to right some old wrongs, Addison is out to change a past that is looming ever closer.

Mitch, burned out from being a street counselor for the homeless, agrees to help his buddy out by doing some security work. For both sides – the good and the bad. Playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse, with a man pushed to the edge, Mitch knows that if he doesn’t succeed, more people might die. Even Addison whom he has been tasked with keeping an eye out for.

Addison is not happy to have a babysitter but soon learns that she can use Mitch to help her. He knows things she doesn’t.

Can Addison bring to light the horrors of her grandmother’s and mother’s past and ensure justice is served? Or will she pay the ultimate price when she discovers who is truly behind it all?

The past can never truly go away.

Deborah grew up in a Foster Home run by Mrs. Stephanos. Now, thirty-five years later, the jewelry from her past has been delivered to all the foster sisters. She is playing with fire but wants to draw out the person responsible for all of their terror.

Last Betrayal is book 5 and the final in The Twisted Deception Series. All books in the series have standalone stories. But the story running in the background, the story that connects all the books, will keep you reading the series. Who is behind sending out the gems and what is their end game? An engaging thriller mystery with some interesting twists. Enjoy!

The Twisted Deception Series

The past is coming back in a way no one saw coming.

Fostered Identity
Shadowed Footsteps
Exploited Innocence
Lost Tears
Last Betrayal

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