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September 21, 2021

Lana has found her child’s father. She thinks. But he’s homeless. Or is he? Unsure what to do, she finds herself sneaking around, snooping, dressing up in disguise. Something she would never normally do. All to find answers. But then she discovers her mom is not only acting weird and secretive but she is being followed.

Jordie has been running and lying his whole life. But now he is using his skills for one thing, to take down the notorious Joe Brown. His father. But he can’t do it alone. The last attempt almost got him killed.

Lana forces Jordie to work with her, partly because she needs his investigative and connected skills but also she needs to know who he is. And if she should let him into his daughter’s life. Is he sane? Or is he crazy? Is he dangerous? To protect her daughter, she will take any risk.

Sheila grew up in a Foster Home run by Mrs. Stephanos. Now, thirty-five years later, the bauble that she used to play with as a child, has arrived at her home. And it is worth over a million dollars. She is the second of the foster sisters to receive her jewelry. But who is sending them out? And what is their end game?


“Maggie Thom, writes such engrossing stories. You won’t be disappointed…” Kal B.

“Loved it. Kept me flipping pages. Ooh, there is one character I strongly disliked…” SKC

“I read a lot. This book has stuck with me. I think about some of the characters, still. I definitely recommend it.” Shana T.

Blurred Lines

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“… a twisting plot that kept me flipping the pages…”

Ally Kent

Her job is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to put her history degree to use. But Amanda is nothing more than a personal assistant to a grumpy, old man. The only good part of her job is occasionally she gets to put her hands on the old, rare books, she thought she’d been hired to catalogue.

Mike wants to take Totter down. The man stole his grandparent’s library of old books. After he’d had them murdered. But Mike needs proof.

In doing what she thinks is a good deed, Amanda soon discovers there is more to her boss than she could have imagined. It might even get her killed.

Thrust together in unlikely circumstances, Amanda teams up with Mike. What they uncover shocks them both … secrets, lies, and murder … that hit way too close to home.

“…surprising twist…” Callie G.

“A well written story…” Sandra P.


Someone would go to any lengths to stop her from discovering her true identity

Book 1 - Caspian Wine Series

“This is a fast paced story, fast and driving. It simply hit the
ground running 
and was so thrilling and engaging…”
Author Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

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The Caspian Wine Series 

A Tangled web of secrets, lies, and deceit…

Read to Escape…

Escape to Read…

Captured Lies
Deceitful Truths

Captured Lies

She was kidnapped not once but twice and now someone wants her dead because of it… Her life was a lie! Everyone seems to have a story… but who’s telling the truth? And who wants her dead? Can she untangle 30 years of secrets, lies and deceit?

“Maggie Thom writes a fast paced thriller laced with romance that keeps the reader interested and on edge…”

InDTale Magazine

Deceitful Truths

He created a legacy that no one could imagine… Tarin has lost a week of her life. Unsure who to trust, she teams up with Graham. Can they figure it all out before Tarin’s nightmare plays out? Or an eighty year old woman pays with her life?

“This whole series is so well executed, fast-paced, and totally engrossing… this will appeal to fans of Mary Higgins Clark or Sandra Brown.”

Indie Book Reviewer

Split Seconds

Torn apart as toddlers, reunited as adults and now switching places to take on organized crime! Tijan is determined to take down the one man responsible for it all… her father!

“…Thom tells the story of their separation in chilling detail that brought tears to my eyes, forced the adrenaline to pump and caused my maternal instincts to feel their agonizing pain—and that was only the beginning…”

P.M. Terrell

International multiple award-winning author, The Novel Business


Other novels by Maggie Thom

Tainted Waters
Deadly Ties

Tainted Waters

He didn’t commit suicide but who’s going to believe her… Why would there be barricades and armed guards at the north end of the lake? To stay alive, Sam and Keegan must find the answers and convince others, before more people are killed… including them.

“What a tangled web! Fast paced and filled with suspense, mystery, romance, intrigue, murder, and loved ones looking for answers.”

My Book Addiction & More

Deadly Ties

She went to jail for the right reason but the wrong murder… Was someone trying to kill her mom, or were they trying to hide the truth to an unsolved thirty year old murder?

I loved it. The plot was intricate and it made me want to finish it quickly so I could discover all the mysteries…

C. Holubec-Jackson

Fractured Lines

New Release


Family isn’t always what it seems.

Andi’s family has always been small, just her, her mom, and a few of her mom’s friends. But now her mom, her best friend, is suddenly hiding secrets. Big secrets. And avoiding her. The woman next door, who has been like a second mother, is now carrying a gun and sneaking around. And the man, Andi called Uncle Scott, has willed her a house in the country. But someone is already using it … to traffic drugs. Was Scott involved? Why did no one tell her he’d died? And why does her key unlock the mansion next door?

Marc, who has become her new neighbor, knows more than he’s telling her. But then he’s a lawyer and Scott’s friend. And living in a mansion that is well above his means. What is he hiding?

Unsure where to turn, Andi finds herself caught in a catastrophic lie. She turns to Marc to help her find the truth, hide the drugs, discover who they belong to, avoid being killed, and protect her family at all costs.

But what if it is family that is behind it all?

Absolutely a great read. Loved the plot and cast of characters. I could actually see someone's family being like this. With the turns and twists, it kept me wanting more. As always you are a fabulous writer.


A must read!

A truly fantastic story that has you hooked from the first page to the last.  So many twists and turns, just when you think you know where this story is going, another twist.


Read for the Adventure Beyond Your Fingertips!

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