Poisoned Promises – The Chemical that Spurred the Idea

Poisoned Promises


The idea for my novel, Poisoned Promises, book 1 of The Prairie Crime Thrillers was spurred by an arcticle about a chemical that was used at one time but is supposedly banned now.

But is it really?

They say it is. All I know is that it lead to the idea for Poisoned Promises.


Have you ever heard of Methyl Iodide?

When writing Poisoned Promises I had to do some research. This time on a chemical called Methyl Iodide also known as Iodomethane. Whoa, nasty stuff. It reminded me when I was doing research on PCBs – Polycarbonate Biphenyls, for my suspense thriller Deadly Ties. Another great man-made invention that was used for way too long, still exists, and many are still trying to figure out how to dispose of it. It was really quite shocking to read about. You can read more my research into PCB’s here.
To find that there was another really problematic chemical that had also been banned but there were instances where it was still being used. And there are questions as to whether they have really stopped manufacturing it. There is not a lot of information on Methyl Iodide and the termination of using it.

What is it?

Methyl Iodide was legal in many countries for a long time in the early 2000’s. The US banned it 2012. I can’t find anywhere where it says it was used in Canada but I would bet it was. It was used as a pesticide, mostly on gardens. Strawberry gardens in particular. It was another controversial chemical that some were fighting for a long time to have it banned due to the harmful and deadly side effects. If you have to wear a hazmat suit to apply it and it’s being used on something that is consumed by humans, I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be used. But they did.

Double exposure of scientist hand holding laboratory test tube

It is very toxic

This chemical can enter the body through the skin, by inhaling it, ingesting it, or through the eyes. As you can imagine it can cause many issues to one’s health, depending on the amount of exposure. The symptoms range from irritation, redness, swelling to feeling unwell, to blisters to stroke like symptoms, to death. Definitely not good stuff. Which is why many people pushed for a ban on it. It appears that many governments complied… after a period of time. There truly isn’t enough being done to monitor nor track the disposal and discontinued use of it. Just like PCB’s.

It became the basis of my new novel, Poisoned Promises

It is unsettling to know that there are chemicals that have been produced and then sort of banned but with no real supervision or plan to make that happen.

It does however spark great ideas for me. I used the idea of someone using this chemical to make money. To use the government as their ally. It became the basis of my new novel suspense thriller, Poisoned Promises. What if it was still being manufactured and used? If government officials were paid off to look the other way, who would know? What if it was your own father who was behind it?


A Prairie Crime Thriller.

The question for this story, Poisoned Promises was where to set it. I immediately knew where I wanted the setting to be. You can read about it here.

“Oh that was so good, I didn’t want to put it down… I love the twists and turns of your writing. Another hit for the mystery genre.” Connie Nixon

It’s not only illegal… it’s lethal.

Bryana has come home to find someone to work with her disabled mother. But her mom has other plans. She is trying to get her life back. The only way Bryana sees that working is if her father, who abandoned them years before, pays for the damage he has caused. His precious company, Pratner Fertilizer, has always come first for him. Time to make him pay where it will hurt the most.

Lee hates Pratner Fertilizer. They killed his father and now, almost his uncle. Going undercover Lee plans on taking down the company even if it means using the heir to do it.

Bryana intends to use Lee to get answers and to fuel his need to take down her father. But there is a whole lot more to her father’s company than that of making and selling fertilizer. He has made millions from developing a deadly chemical. How are they going to stop a man who has paid off government officials? And who knows how to play the game and win?

In this gripping novel, part of the Prairie Crime Thriller Series, set in the fictional place of Connemara Alberta, prepare to dive into a psychological rollercoaster of heart-pounding twists and turns. Lose yourself in this gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy.


“Oh, my goodness!!!! What a page turner!! Could not stop reading…” Ingrid

“Wow!! I am momentarily speechless. I have just finished reading this book and it is fantastic. It was so packed with tension and intrigue…” Gill Clay


Multi Award Winning Author Maggie Thom invites you to step into her new series, The Prairie Crime Thriller Series.

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