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"...Maggie Thom is one of the best suspense writers in today's fiction..."
Author Tom Johnson

Lost Tears

New Release

May 31, 2022

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A dead girl. Missing gems. Buried treasures.

Dayna comes home under protest. If her aunt hadn’t guilted her, she never would have come to see her ill mother. Their relationship has never been good. At her father’s request, Dayna agrees to search into her mom’s past. A past that is nothing like she imagined—religious zealots, a dead girl, and on her own at age sixteen. They help to give a clearer picture as to why her mom might have chosen the bottle but it doesn’t tell her who the people are or why someone is still trying to hide a forty-year-old death.

Tanner, an undercover police officer, has been asked, off the books, to do some sleuthing for stolen treasures. Walking the fine line of doing what he was trained to do, and keeping it legal, is keeping him on his toes and it turns out running for his life. What he has gotten involved in is way bigger than he imagined.

Dayna meets Tanner in the most unlikely ways but it soon comes to light that although they are working on different cases, their situations are very much connected. Working together, they soon find that trying to do right by a dead girl, dodging bullets, and solve who is behind it all, are keeping them on the run.

Can they identify the girl? And her killer, before he succeeds again?

Lost Tears is book 4 in The Twisted Deception Suspense Thriller Mystery Series. All books in the series have standalone stories. But the story running in the background, the story that connects all the books, will keep you reading. Who is behind sending out the gems and what is their end game? An engaging thriller mystery with some interesting twists. Enjoy!

Lost Tears

"...So much going on but I love how the story is unfolding. How this lends to the whole series... Can't wait for book 4..." Leah Mac

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New Release February 1, 2022

Exploited Innocence

“Another great book… by Maggie Thom… A real page turner. The suspense just keeps getting better and better…”


Taesa will do anything to save her mom from the Alzheimer’s disease that is destroying her.

Taesa has started a new job, one that she loves but is hoping will give her the connections she needs. Her boss, though, has a past that is coming back with a vengeance and is putting Taesa squarely in the middle. Being pulled in many directions, Taesa has a difficult decision to make – lose her mom to the disease or destroy someone else’s life in the hope she can save her mom’s.

Kal has been entrusted with his mom’s million-dollar jewelry. Ones that are linked to a mysterious and sketchy past. There has already been more than one attempt at stealing them. If that isn’t enough, Kal’s adopted teenage sister comes to stay with him and is determined to find her real mom and dad. With or without his help. She has run away once and she seems to know more about the jewelry and their real value. And will use them if they will help find her real parents.

Taesa and Kal are asked to work together. Kal’s mom and Taesa’s boss’s have a past that is intricately connected not only to each other but to that of the jewelry that is being sent to each of the foster sisters. Their snooping puts them in the path of those wanting to hide their true identity and to keep the past in the past. Those people also want that jewelry. They will do anything to get it. Lie. Kidnap. Even kill.

Marlisa grew up in a Foster Home run by Mrs. Stephanos. Now, thirty-five years later, the bauble she played with as a child, has arrived. And it is worth over a million dollars. She is the fourth of the foster sisters to receive her jewelry. But who is sending them out? And what is their end game?

“So much going on but so good. Keep reading… Great series. Looking for book 4. Hint. Hint.” A. Doug

“I love this series. I’m starting to figure out who the bad guys are…” Sheryl K.

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New Release

Shadowed Footsteps

Lana has found her child’s father. She thinks. But he’s homeless. Or is he? Unsure what to do, she finds herself sneaking around, snooping, dressing up in disguise. Something she would never normally do. All to find answers. But then she discovers her mom is not only acting weird and secretive but she is being followed.

Jordie has been running and lying his whole life. But now he is using his skills for one thing, to take down the notorious Joe Brown. His father. But he can’t do it alone. The last attempt almost got him killed.

Lana forces Jordie to work with her, partly because she needs his investigative and connected skills but also she needs to know who he is. And if she should let him into his daughter’s life. Is he sane? Or is he crazy? Is he dangerous? To protect her daughter, she will take any risk.

Sheila grew up in a Foster Home run by Mrs. Stephanos. Now, thirty-five years later, the bauble that she used to play with as a child, has arrived at her home. And it is worth over a million dollars. She is the second of the foster sisters to receive her jewelry. But who is sending them out? And what is their end game?


“Maggie Thom, writes such engrossing stories. You won’t be disappointed…” Kal B.

“Loved it. Kept me flipping pages. Ooh, there is one character I strongly disliked…” SKC

“I read a lot. This book has stuck with me. I think about some of the characters, still. I definitely recommend it.” Shana T.

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New Series: The Twisted Deception Series

Fostered Identity

Fostered Identity

A runaway sister. Stolen jewels. And a secret worth killing for.

Her teenage sister has run away. It’s her fault. And on her watch.

Shyla thought she was doing the right thing in helping her younger sister get a little freedom but she never expected she’d bolt on her. Desperate to keep their mom from discovering she has a missing daughter, Shyla sets out to find her sister.

A fluke encounter gives Shyla a clue. Only she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Not only does she find her sister but she finds herself pulled into doing an impossible heist. And not just any heist but that of stealing her mom’s million dollar jewelry. Ones that recently arrived, with no explanation.

Damien will do whatever he has to protect his brother but when his brother ends up in the hospital, Damien will stop at nothing to take down their father, the man who destroyed their lives. And continues to try to do so. Damien will break all of his promises and will even steal, if it will take down his father.

Shyla and Damien find themselves thrown together, not trusting each other but not having any choice. They will have to work together, if Damien is going to stop his father for once and for all, and if Shyla is going to protect her mother’s jewelry.

An impossible crime that will bring them surprises they didn’t see coming.

Emerald grew up in a foster family. It wasn’t an ordinary foster family. She was the first of eight girls to move in. The jewels that she was given to play with as a teenager, that she was told were baubles, are now resurfacing thirty-five years later. They are worth millions. And it appears worth stealing.

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" and kept me guessing... I want more, and I want to know the secrets. I will be excited to read the second novel..." Author Christine Holubec Jackson


"The Twisted Deception Suspense/Thriller/Mystery Series by Maggie Thom is an awesome story that I have loved reading..." Sacrolet Ellis

"The suspense and mystery alone are enough to keep those pages turning..." The Avid Reader

"...The story was really twisted (no pun) in such a way by Maggie that it will keep you guessing." J Forrest

Fractured Lines

Family isnt always what it seems.


Andis family has always been small, just her, her mom, and a few of her moms friends. But now her mom, her best friend, is suddenly hiding secrets. Big secrets. And avoiding her. The woman next door, who has been like a second mother, is now carrying a gun and sneaking around. And the man, Andi called Uncle Scott, has willed her a house in the country. But someone is already using it to traffic drugs. Was Scott involved? Why did no one tell her hed died? And why does her key unlock the mansion next door?

Marc, who has become her new neighbor, knows more than hes telling her. But then hes a lawyer and Scotts friend. And living in a mansion that is well above his means. What is he hiding?

Unsure where to turn, Andi finds herself caught in a catastrophic lie. She turns to Marc to help her find the truth, hide the drugs, discover who they belong to, avoid being killed, and protect her family at all costs.

But what if it is family that is behind it all?

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“The complexities, pains and even fears of this “family” are stunning. ..” Karla B

“An outstanding story that proves you can’t always judge families by what they want to ‘show the world’…” Bev

What a super novel…” Amazon Reviewer

Loved the book, I couldn’t put it down, read it in one sitting, housework on hold.” Patricia

"... A well written adventure/romance that will stay with you long after you read it..."

Sandy Morgan

Buy the complete series as One:

The Caspian Wine Series

(three books in one)


Captured Lies

Her life was a lie! She was kidnapped not once but twice and now someone wants her dead. Can she untangle 30 years of secrets, lies and deceit to discover her true identity?


Deceitful Truths

She’s lost a week of her life but she doesn’t know who’s behind it. Now, though she is desperate to hide the secret that someone will kill for.


Split Seconds

Seeing her twin for the first time in 28 years is difficult. But then playing her twin to take on organized crime … just might be deadly.

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“… Maggie Thom has done a remarkable job bringing the characters to life, and creating scenes that will have your heart racing
while you are glued to each and every page! …”

Dii – Tome Tender

Captured Lies

Caspian Wine Suspense/Thriller/Mystery Series  Book One

She was kidnapped not once but twice and now someone wants her dead because of it….

Her life was a lie!

Bailey knew her upbringing wasn’t normal but she’s worked hard to stabilize her life. At 29, she finally has a good business, a stable home; her life is miles from that of her childhood. Then suddenly her mother dies, leaving a gaping hole and a discovery that they may not even be related. If Guy, the private investigator is to be believed, her life is a lie. Using the skills she learned on the streets, Bailey travels back through a sketchy and dangerous past, to find answers. Dodging bullets, staying ahead of those who want her dead and convincing Guy she can do it alone, are making it difficult to discover not only the secrets of her mother’s past but that of a family claiming she is theirs.

Everyone seems to have a story… but who’s telling the truth? And who wants her dead? Is Guy part of the solution? Or part of the problem? To discover the facts, she’ll have to untangle a web of deceit, lies, and secrets, dating back over thirty years.

But can she do it in time…





“Questions grow and so does the pace of this excellent story… I highly recommend it.”
Readers’ Favorite 

“Maggie Thom writes a fast paced thriller laced with romance that keeps the reader interested and on edge…” InDtale Magazine

“This is a story that when you start to read it you don’t want to put it down until you finish it.” Cindy’s Reviews

“Captured Lies is a very edge of your seat sort of book… I was totally enthralled with this book…” Tammy’s Tea Time

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Deceitful Truths

Caspian Wine Suspense/Thriller/Mystery Series
Book Two

He created a legacy that no one could imagine…

Tarin has lost a week of her life. She doesn’t know what happened but not long after she returns to work she is suspended from her job. Confused and pregnant, she quits and agrees to marry Stephen, only to be thrown into a whole new nightmare. Desperate, she grabs her son and moves across the country to get away from her abusive husband and to avoid her unforgiving father. Thrilled at getting the job at Knights Associates, where she’ll help them solve cyber crimes but also be able to use their connections and resources to find her own answers. Who stole a week of her life? And will they return to steal the secret she is now protecting?

Graham and his partner Guy, can’t keep up with the demand. They are being flooded with requests at Knights Associates, where they offer a combined service of private investigator and that of solving cyber crimes. It appears that someone wants to get their attention as not only have they been hacked but Guy’s family business, Caspian Winery, seems to be under attack as well. Hiring an assistant seems to be the answer but when Graham discovers she’s been accessing their high-security accounts, he realizes the cause of their predicament might be closer then he thought. Is there new assistant behind the problems they’re having? If she’s so innocent why does someone want to abduct her?

Tarin and Graham discover that although they don’t trust each other, they are forced to work together to solve several seemingly unrelated crimes that may lead to one disastrous conclusion. Can they figure it all out before Tarin’s nightmare plays out? An eighty year old woman pays with her life? Or before Tarin learns a truth that may seal her fate and be the one secret that will keep her and Graham apart as neither one of them may be able to forgive or forget…

(Caspian Wine Series, Book Two – Standalone but is a Sequel/Companion Novel to Captured Lies)


“Maggie Thom’s talent for mixing mystery, intrigue and romance becomes a masterpiece begging to be read…” Tome Tender


“…Maggie Thom has managed to give the reader a tangled web full of lies and deceit to try to figure out… it kept me wanting to read the book…” Read Your Writes Book Reviews

“…Intriguing story that is a cat and mouse chase until the end. I liked that Tarin has had enough and does what she thinks is best for her son. There is so much to this story as it unravels, you are going to be on the edge of your seat from the very first page…”
Emily Heisler

“…the story is very original and if filled with twist, turns and secrets. Just when I thought I had it figured out, a new turn or secret would pop up and have me at the edge of my seat.Sherri Wilkinson

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Split Seconds

Caspian Wine Suspense/Thriller/Mystery Series
Book Three

Twins… separated as toddlers, reunited as adults… and now they’re switching places in a dangerous game to take on organized crime.

Her sister is alive! Excited to discover her twin didn’t die as a toddler, Tijan can’t wait to meet her other half. But why hasn’t her only sibling reached out in almost thirty years?

Although the reunion is joyous, not everyone is excited to discover there are two of them. Using it to her advantage, Tijan is determined to take down the one man responsible for it all… her father. There are however, others who also want to destroy him and anyone who gets in their path. The secrets and lies that have kept the twins apart, soon unravel but with deadly consequences.

(Caspian Wine Series, Book Three – Standalone but is a Sequel/Companion Novel to Captured Lies and Deceitful Truths)

“…you’d better hang onto your seat because you’re in for more twists and turns than a world-class roller coaster...” Multi-Award Winning Author P.M. Terrell


“…The main characters are twins Tarin and Tijan, whom author Maggie Thom paints as complex, strong women who are quite different from one another…” Christy B

“…The action in the story was breathtaking… it was excellent!” S. Ingram

“…Secrets, lies and plenty of twists and turns make this a book you just can’t put down...” Mrs. Nicholls

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DEadly Ties

Deadly Ties

She went to jail for the right reason but the wrong murder…

With her mom in the hospital from a recent attack, Kyara has to wonder if her grandmother’s recent release from jail isn’t behind it. Pulled from her quiet, content life, Kyara finds herself on a mission, not only to find out who put her mom in a coma but who just might have a lifetime of secrets to hide.

Snooping into what’s going on, seems harmless until Kyara runs into Ryan, and discovers who he really is. Unknowingly, they have stirred up a long forgotten past, one that some will go to any lengths to keep hidden.
Secrets spanning thirty years may never come to light unless they can solve the deadly secret, now buried beneath the golf course and stay ahead of those trying to kill them.

How many more people will die before the lies are unraveled and those who are guilty, decide that killing an entire town, isn’t too far to go to hide their dirty past?

“This tale is a slice of that reality in a fictionalized version that will keep you riveted to every word…” Tome Tender

“…Maggie Thom is one of the best suspense writers in today’s fiction. Highly recommended…” Tom Johnson

“…This book starts fast and gets even faster as you go along!… How this all ends–well I didn’t guess the ending!! So much going on–you just have to read this one.” Miki Shope

Purchase at:

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Goodreads - Deadly Ties

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Tainted Waters

Caught in the crosshairs of her father’s past, Sam realizes it is time to discover the truth.

Frustrated at being fired from her latest job as a reporter, Sam moves to her family’s cabin at the lake. A place she hasn’t been since her dad committed suicide there, twenty years before. The serene and quiet she is expecting is soon ripped apart by memories that don’t make sense, and the new neighbors at the north end of the lake. They have roadblocks and armed guards and seem to be very busy at night.

Keegan moves to his grandfather’s cabin at the lake. It’s time he finds out the truth about how his grandfather, his best friend, died. The stories just don’t make sense. He soon discovers that all the original cabin owners have died. All of supposed natural causes. But that’s not true. Someone is killing them.

Sam and Keegan are the only ones asking questions. What they discover is horrifying. But who’s going to believe them? How do they find proof, catch a man who has been able to hide his truth for over twenty years, and convince others before more people are killed… including them?


Tainted Waters is an award-winning suspense thriller, with some language and scenes that might bother some. It is full of twists and turns to keep you guessing. Enjoy!


“…The plot’s seamless, twisting turns and the tension-building exploits kept me flipping the pages…” Author Jeanne Marie

“…I LOVED this book! It was fast paced and had me gripped from the start … And talk about twists! Just when I thought I knew where this story was leading… Bang!… Plot twist!…” Nicola – Orchard Book Club

 “…Exciting story, loved the beginning introduction to Sam. She is a firecracker and had me chuckling. Had a little bit of everything from betrayal to romance. Another wonderful read from Maggie Thom.” Musings from an Addicted Book Reader


I love a good mystery thriller. Each time I thought I had it figured out, I was way off, and back to the drawing board I’d go…Laura Thomas

I LOVED this book! It was fast paced and had me gripped from the start….. And talk about twists! Just when I thought I knew where this story was leading…… Bang!….. Plot twist!…”
Orchard Book Club


… Exciting story, loved the beginning introduction to Sam. She is a firecracker and had me chuckling… Another wonderful read from Maggie Thom…” Musing from an Addicted Reader

…the book will truly keep you on the edge of your seat unable to pry yourself from it… Maggie brilliantly creates suspense and the atmosphere of unease…” The Most Happy Reader

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