Deadly Ties

There’s a deadly secret buried beneath the golf course …

who else will have to pay with their life before the truth comes to light …


Deadly Ties

An environmental disaster they tried to bury… along with those who got in the way.

With her mom in a coma, Kyara is determined to discover who is behind the brutal attack. Does her grandmother’s recent release from jail have anything to do with it? The police believe that some meth addicted youth are responsible but what Kyara uncovers is shocking. Is anyone telling the truth? Even Ryan who she thought might be able to help her is harnessing his own dark secret. Is he truly trying to help her or does he have his own agenda?

The golf course wasn’t built because the sport was gaining in popularity but to hide a deadly secret. Those responsible are determined to keep it buried and those who know anything are being silenced. Kyara finds herself trying to catch an old woman, stay ahead of those trying to kill her and unveil the truth. But can she do it before a town pays the ultimate price?

“The plot was intricate and it made me want to finish it quickly so I could discover all the mysteries.” Author C H-Jackson

“Maggie Thom has characterization down to a science. Her characters really run the show and make the story so fun to read about…” D Gonzales (The Indie Express Blog)


“This book starts fast and gets even faster as you go along! … You have to read this one.” M. Shope

“…I am absolutely hooked. I love how the suspense flows from page to page, chapter to chapter in this book…” CaliBook Reviews

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Here is what readers are saying:

Fantastic book!  Not exactly what I was expecting!  This book holds so much more!  The plot of the story will floor you to the ground!  Unbelievable!  And the characters…..  they are left to be talked about!  This is a page turner of a read right here!  This author is going to take you on a mysterious ride when reading this book!  And don’t think you have it all figured out… Because you won’t!

Stormy Night Blog and Review

“A Deep Mystery With Hidden Treachery And Suspense.”… There are hidden secrets, and covered up crimes that someone wants buried for good, even if it means more deaths… I’ve been a fan of this author from her debut suspense novel, and have eagerly followed her writing as each new book was released. She is a masterful storyteller, who weaves an intricate plot with many twists, and even the reader is never sure what is truly going on, and who did it until the story comes to a climatic end… In fact, Maggie Thom is one of the best suspense writers in today’s fiction. Highly recommended.

Author Tom Johnson

It’s a truly gripping thriller full of action and suspense involving three generations of women of a family… It’s really a total page turner and I can’t wait to get to the end to find out the truth.

Highly recommended

Maeve Sarafi

Deadly Ties is not the first book I read by Maggie Thom so I knew she’s an award winner for good reasons and she does not disappoint with this one… Maggie builds up the story through the interactions of its many characters. At the same time, the author doesn’t make it as if the characters are lecturing to the reader but rather like the reader is eavesdropping on their conversations… I highly recommend this book but start reading it when you have some time to spare because it’ll be impossible to put it down.

Liz Gavin

…once again, she proves her strength as a master of words, plots and finely chiseled characters. Ms. Thom has addressed a brutal truth of the past, when carcinogenic chemicals were knowingly used and disposed of improperly, in the cheapest way possible, while being buried under bribery and threats, outside of the scrutiny of the government that was supposed to protect its citizens. This tale is a slice of that reality in a fictionalized version that will keep you riveted to every word, every page as Maggie Thom weaves a brilliant cloth of the many colors of deceit.

Dii - Tome Tender

Tome Tender

…There are a lot of feelings and emotions wrought in this story and the family drama becomes more deadly as it unfolds. I loved the suspense and the action…

Lamp Shade Reader

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Or order it in to your local bookstore or library.

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