Book 3 – The Caspian Wine Series

Split Seconds

Twins, changing place to outsmart organized crime…

Twins… separated as toddlers, reunited as adults… and now they’re switching places in a dangerous game to outsmart organized crime.

Her sister is alive! Excited to discover that her twin didn’t die as a toddler, Tijan can’t wait to meet her other half. She puts aside her confusion as to why her only sibling hasn’t reached out in almost thirty years.

Although the reunion is joyous, not everyone is excited to discover that there are two of them. Using it to her advantage, Tijan is determined to take down the one man, responsible for it all… her father. The secrets and lies that have kept the twins apart, soon unravel but with deadly consequences.


Book of the Year – FAV
Mystery, Suspense, Thriller of the Year


Mystery, Suspense, Thriller of the Year


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Here’s What Readers Are Saying:

I loved it, yet again. I feel like I'm developing that reader relationship with the characters that breeds a sense of a familiarity that builds a bond and an invested interest as to what is happening in their lives. I love the complexity Maggie weaves into the web of her story adding layers that keeps the reader guessing, holding their interest and that satisfying relief when you finally find out what's really going on!

CH Jackson

“Split Seconds” continues the series in a highly suspenseful rush of adrenalin. For lovers of suspense thrillers don’t miss this latest light romantic mystery involving danger and intrigue.

Tom Johnson

Split Seconds drew me in from the first page. Maggie Thom weaves the story building intrigue, suspense and relationships hooking you into the lives of her characters. I felt that I came to know Tijan as the story unfolded. I escaped into her life, her story! Thank you Maggie Thom

S Cordner

The Caspian Wine Series

A tangled web of secrets, lies and deceit.



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