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Deceitful Truths (The Caspian Wine Series – Book 2) is Now Out in Paperback!

Maggie Thom, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

I wrote Deceitful Truths a few years ago. It actually came about because a reader asked me when I was writing book 2 in the series. Well… I really hadn’t planned on writing a series and I told her that. But… the ideas started flowing and next thing I know I’m writing Deceitful Truths.


I always swore I wouldn’t write a series. Why? Because I had read many and knew that they had to be a lot of work. Not only does the author have to keep track of all of the characters, situations, settings, actions… in one novel but now has to do it over two or more.

Since I had written Captured Lies in word, I had most of my notes on paper for it. So that was a process in itself to dig out my not well kept notes and figure out who was who, what they looked like, what happened with whom… So I had even made it more work. Eeeek!

But the idea was so compelling, I had to write. So I took the time to go back over my notes and reread Captured Lies to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and wrote Deceitful Truths.

But that was it, I was not going to write another book in the series…

Never say never. Read about book 3, here.


When I published Deceitful Truths I was nervous about how it would be received. Captured Lies was quite popular and I was concerned that readers wouldn’t like book 2. But it was quite well received.

“Never say never.”

My goal was always to put Deceitful Truths out in paperback but I knew it needed some work.

I finally found someone I trust and enjoy working with, Patricia Terrell, creator of the Novel Business who is also an author under the pen-name P.M. Terrell. She has done a fabulous job of getting Deceitful Truths to where I now feel comfortable with putting it out in paperback. Yay!

But then I had another problem, sadly the woman who had created the original cover for Deceitful Truths had passed away. She did most of my covers. A truly gifted lady.

So now I was on the search for someone to create a brand new cover. I am forever grateful to have found Laura Callender from JustPublisit. A very talented lady who has given new life to the cover and the book. I am thrilled with what she has done.

So Deceitful Truths is now out in paperback…


So now for the cover reveal…

Deceitful Truths

The Caspian Wine


Series – Book 2

Cover Reveal

A week of her life is missing… And now someone is trying to steal the secret, she’s desperately protecting.

Doing whatever it takes to protect her family, Tarin abandons her abusive marriage, rescues her son and flees across country. Lost and unsure who to trust, she hopes her new job with a Private Investigator, Knight’s Associates, will give her the connections and resources she needs to find answers. Seven days of her life are missing and she doesn’t know why but the consequences of it are undeniable.

Graham’s company, Knight’s Associates, has been hacked, they are being inundated with false leads. The past is coming back to haunt them but how does the new assistant they hired, play into it? Is she truly helping them solve cyber-crimes or is she selling off their high-security information? Is that why someone is trying to abduct her?

Tarin and Graham discover that although they don’t trust each other, they are forced to work together to solve several seemingly unrelated crimes that may lead to one disastrous conclusion. Can they figure it all out before Tarin’s nightmare plays out? An eighty-year-old woman pays with her life? Or before Tarin learns a truth that may seal her fate and be the one secret that will keep her and Graham apart as neither one of them may be able to forgive or forget…

(Caspian Wine Series, Book Two – Standalone but is a Sequel/Companion Novel to Captured Lies)

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Maggie Thom is a multi-award-winning author of suspense/thrillers. She has written everything from technical writing, to nonfiction, to fiction for children, youth and adults, along with poems and short stories. She finally settled on her love of puzzles, mysteries and roller coasters and now writes suspense/thrillers that will entwine you in a tangled web of secrets, lies and deceit.

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