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Blurred Lines

Her job is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to put her history degree to use. But Amanda is nothing more than a personal assistant to a grumpy, old man. The only good part of her job is she occasionally gets to put her hands on the old, rare books she thought she’d been hired to catalogue.

Mike wants to take Totter down. The man stole his grandparents’ library of old books. After he’d had them murdered. But Mike needs proof.

In doing what she thinks is a good deed for her mom, Amanda stumbles into some secrets that were better left buried. Now that she’s opened that door, her life is in danger.

Thrust together in unlikely circumstances, Amanda teams up with Mike. What they uncover shocks them both … secrets, lies, and murder … that hit way too close to home.

“…surprising twist…” Callie G.

“A good story. A quick read…” Sandra P.

“… a thrilling chase …” Anna

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