Inner Reading Circle

What is an Inner Reading Circle?

This in an exclusive group of volunteer readers who have joined my list to be the first to get an ebook of my latest book. They agree to read and review my latest novel and to post their reviews on any of the following:

  • amazon
  • goodreads
  • book bub
  • barnes and noble
  • apple ibooks
  • google playstore
  • kobo
  • any other book store they normall buy their books from
  • theirr blog or website if they have one

And they agree to help spread the word on social media. This may mean liking a post I put on my FB Maggie Thom page or sharing on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

I write mystery/suspense/thrillers.

I love books write books with twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end.

So if you enjoy reading mysteries, suspense or thrillers, than my books just might be for you.

You’re welcome to sign up to my email list, where you can try a sample of one of my books to see if it is your kind of read.

Join my email list here.

Or if you know your are already interested in becoming part of my team:


Scroll down to the bottom to apply.

Thank you for your interest

My Books

My Inner Reading Circle is a select group of readers, who have volunteered to read and review advanced copies of my books. Generally a month or so before launch day, I will send out an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) to my list and ask that they read and review on launch day or very soon thereafter.

This team is so important to the success of a new book.

Why you might want to be part of my Inner Reading Circle:


You love

    • to read
    • to be the first to get an ecopy of a new release
    • to review
    • to help an author get the word out about her new book
    • to read within a deadline (don’t worry you usually have a month or so)


    • you’re already a fan of Maggie Thom mystery/suspense/thrillers

I currently have an amazing team of Readers and Reviewers. I am honored that they are part of my journey. I truly appreciate all the reading and reviewing they do for me and for any author they support.

At times, I will take on new Readers and Reviewers.

So if you’d like to be part of my inner circle reading team, please scroll to the bottom to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost

It’s free. In fact, you will be the first to recieve an advanced ecopy of one of my new books.

And if you want to read one of my old titles, all you have to do is ask.

My only request is that you write a review and post it.

Time frame

I usually try to give you a heads up about 3 months out that I have a new book coming out. I’ll ask if you are available to read and review for certain date. Then I try to get you the ARC (advanced review copy), 8 to 12 weeks out from launch date. My other, already published books, I usually ask that you try to post a review within 2 to 3 months of asking for a copy.

What if I don't have time

I know that people’s lives get busy. I don’t expect that you’ll always be available. I do hope that you will let me know and still be able to read and review at a later date.

Fiction and Nonfiction

I write suspense/thriller/mysteries

For this team, you are signing up to read fiction. I might on occassion though, ask if you’d be interested in reading my nonfiction and reviewing. This is totally optional. You are welcome to say no.

My books

The Caspian Wine Series

  • Captured Lies
  • Deceitful Truths
  • Split Seconds

Other standalone books

  • Tainted Waters
  • Deadly Ties
  • Fractured Lines

The Twisted Deception Series

  • Fostered Identity
  • Shadowed Footsteps
  • Exploited Innocence
  • Lost Tears
  • Last Betrayal

And my Free book

  • Blurred Lines

Apply to Maggie Thom's Inner Reading Circle

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