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I’ve had a long journey with reading. I started out reading or at least being fascinated by books. Of course I read the biggies—See Spot Run… Fun with Dick and Jane… But the books that I really remember grabbing my interest were romance novels. Yup, Harlequin Romances. Back when I started reading there weren’t a whole lot of books that had women as the main character. I read other books but there really wasn’t a lot to choose from. I remember reading the Diary of Anne Frank, at about the age of 15, which was about the same age she was. I didn’t understand for a long time that she had truly lived through such horror. I just knew it was a very sad story where I didn’t understand how there could be such awful people doing such awful things. Then I read Helter Skelter. Another story that shocked me and again I couldn’t fathom that it was a real account of real people. These books though have stuck with me since then. I didn’t read true life books like that again, for a long time.

Then I discovered romances. I liked them because they had a happy ending. Love won out. Corny as that may be, I liked that. I liked knowing that there was going to be something good come out of whatever tragedy had occurred in the story.


I discovered I love being taken on an adventure.

After high school, I found sci-fi/fantasy. I read Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and several others (Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brookes, etc.) but the one that really grabbed me and held my attention was Stephen Convenant, White Gold Weilder by Stephen R. Donaldson. It took me into another whole world. It was amazing. I waited patiently… or impatiently…. for each book to come out. He could not write fast enough for me.

In the late 80’s, I was introduced to the books of Robert Ludlum and espionage. I fell in love. I read everything that he ever wrote. Since I love to read and he only had so many books out, I found other writers, that I enjoyed – John Grisham, Ken Follet, Clive Cussler, Mary Higgins-Clark, as well as many others but none quite grabbed me the way Ludlum did. Of course along the way, I still read my stories of suspense and romance – Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught, Jayne Anne Krentz, Sandra Brown (another of my favorite authors, who I’ve read everything she ever put out) and many others. I haven’t even mentioned the nonfiction I like to read.


What I’ve discovered is that my taste is very eclectic. I just love to read. If the story and/or the message is good, I’m hooked. I thought all readers were like me and read almost anything they could get their hands on but I’ve learned, that isn’t true. There are several readers who do not stray far, from the one or two genres or areas of nonfiction, they’ve chosen.

How about you, what do you like to read?


The Caspian Wine Suspense/Thriller/Mystery Series

A tangled web of secrets, lies and deceit…

Maggie Thom

Multi-Award winning author, Maggie Thom. Author of The Caspian Wine Series – Captured Lies (Book of the Month - LAS Reviews and Reader's Favorite Finalist), Deceitful Truths and Split Seconds (Award Winning) – and her other published novels, Tainted Waters (Suspense and Thriller Book of the Year through Turning the Pages Magazine),  Deadly Ties & Fractured Lines (new 2020). Click here to learn more.

Her motto: Read to escape… Escape to read…

"Maggie Thom writes a fast paced thriller laced with romance that keeps the reader interested and on edge!" InDtale Magazine

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