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Setting My Book Series in Canada

Maggie Thom, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

When I first wrote Captured Lies I had used a fictional place and I had never planned on it being a series.

Funny how things change, isn’t it? I truly wrote Captured Lies as a standalone novel. In fact, I had first written it as a romance. I had read a lot of romance in my younger days and truly thought that was how you were supposed to break into the publishing field. Authors that I loved – Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts… In fact, they are two authors that helped attract me to more complex novels.

I really liked the story of Captured Lies but I wanted it to have more depth and to be Bailey’s story. I was now hooked on suspense/thrillers and wanted to know if I could turn Captured Lies into one.


But where to start?

When I really looked at the story and tore it apart, I realized that I wanted to put in real settings. This can be a challenge but I felt it was important. I’m not sure why, maybe another challenge I felt I needed to leap over. So I set the story in Canada. To my knowledge there aren’t a lot of suspense/thrillers using some part of Canada as the setting. The question was where would I set it.

Since I really had no clue I just started to rewrite and see what felt right.

But where in Canada?

I don’t know if there was really any reason for the places I chose. I had been to most of them but not all. Kind of weird right? Or at least I thought so but they were the places that seemed to be what the story was calling for.

So the story really starts off in Calgary and soon draws you into several cities and settings in Canada – some in the west and some in the east. You can follow the journey by starting here – Journey across Canada through Captured Lies, Starting in Calgary.

“Journey Across Canada, through the Caspian Wine Series.”

So now that I had Captured Lies decided, what to do about book 2 and 3? Really, it was easier than I thought. I really let the stories tell me where they needed to be set. Because Book 2, Deceitful Truths and Book 3, Split Seconds, each were stand alone stories they did have common threads and people throughout, so I had to make sure the settings worked in all three. And they did.

It was an interesting journey to write this book series in Canada. I definitely learned alot about Canada, so that was pretty cool. And I connected with some great people who helped me understand some of the places a little better, so they would be very real.

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