Reading is amazing isn’t it? You get to go on an adventure and live vicariously without leaving home.

The Twisted Deception Series is my new series that I published the final book in the series last year. It is a five book series and best read in order. Each book has a standalone story but there is a story running in the background that connects them all. There are five books in the series. This was interesting to write because it was the first time that I had written a series where there was that close tie, connection between all of them, where you really do need to read them in order, from book 1 to book 5.

To reflect better the stories within, I have new covers made for each book in the series. Check them out below. I’d love your feedback in the comments.


Final Versions

(click on the cover image for books 1 – 5 and it will take you to a page to read the first few chapters of each book. And you’ll get to see the old covers.)

Betrayal is the ultimate sin…

Please let me know in the comments what you think of the new covers.

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