Getting lost in a book is the best thing, right? And that has always been my goal with my stories, making something that would keep you engaged and wanting more. The Caspian Wine Series is what truly kickstarted my being an author and my publishing career. Captured Lies, book one, was the first book I published. I had written several before it but none had felt good enough. With Captured Lies, it took a while to get it to where I felt the story deserved to be shared. I ripped it apart several times trying to get it to that next level, where it would grab you and keep you reading. I love reading too, so I was very critical of the story. After a lot of hair pulling and determination, I finally got Captured Lies to where I felt the story was good. Really good. I loved Bailey’s journey and I loved the twists that emerged throughout the novel. Later Deceitful Truths and then Split Seconds were added to the series. They are all stand alone stories but do have crossover. If you want to learn about the journey of how the series came to be, click here.

Anyway, it is now 2022 and it is time for change. So I had some new covers created for the series. And I wanted you to be the first to see the final version.

Check them out below. Thank you to everyone who gave their input as to what they liked and didn’t like. I took everything into consideration when having these created.

Thank you to my Readers’ Group for helping choose the final look of the covers.

Final Versions

A web of secrets, lies, and deceit…

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