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A Show worth watching

I love when I find a good book or a good show that has a good story to it. If it is one that has a great story, I tend to take really good notice of it. And if it’s brilliant… it ends up on my must read or watch list. Well, I watched this series called Peaky Blinders and it is brilliant. The writing, the acting, the directing… wow. It has landed itself on one the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Warning: it is explicit in everything – drugs, sex, alcohol, language, violence…

Normally I don’t watch shows that have this much explicit sex, violence, etc. but truly the show is so well done that all of this just adds to the authenticity of it. It feels like this is truly something that could have happened. That these are real people living that crazy life. And I am sure there were and are people living like that.

It is set in England in the early 1900’s. It is about a family and their rise to the status of gangster. They control the drugs, the streets, the people, the police, the gambling, the violence… they are truly a nasty group. But you also connect with them, their story, their journey, and this course they have set for themselves.

The writing is brilliant. It was written by Stephen Knight. I don’t think I’ve seen any other shows he has written but he truly did a fantastic job of writing this one. The story not only has that real feel to it but the twists… whoa. There are several things that happen in the show that caught me off guard. There were a few times I was saying, ‘whoa, didn’t see that coming.’ I love that.

Beyond the writing, the casting, directing and acting is incredible. The actors really suit their characters and play them well and they all fit well within the storyline.

They truly got a lot right in this show.

Check out Peaky Blinders here

It is about a family in the early 1900’s and their rise to that of ganster. They control the drugs, the booze, the crimes, the businesses, the police… It is about a family above all else but what they do to each other and others… wow. They are a very dysfunctional family – sometimes they treat each other well but most of the time they do not, they use each others strengths and weaknesses against each other. No one leaves the family, at least not on their own two feet. They are extremely effective as a gang. Anyone who crosses them finds themselve at the end of a knife, a gun, a bomb or worse. They aren’t a family you cross but many try.

It is an intense show but there moments that are funny, quirky and sad.

Tommy is the head of the family and the gang. His brother, Arthere is his righ hand man but he is not a well man at all. I so felt for him, he needed the most help. But every time he tried to step away and take care of himself, he was pulled back to the ugly side of himself. Without Arthur Tommy would not have the control he does. He relies a lot on Arthur being unwell. Their connection is both fascinating and sad. Truly well done.

I think my favorite character was Alfie. he doesn’t show up until a few seasons in. He is a ruthless, deadly man and it’s not until later that you really get to see another side to this character. He lies, is brutal but has this quirky, funny side to him. He is a story teller and his take on life and the things that happen, truly ironical and funny. A very well written character and a well played one.

The whole show is just incredible. The cast did an amazing job of bringing their characters to life. Brilliant show. Well worth watching.

Check out Peaky Blinders here

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