Reading is the best past time ever. There are so many books and so little time. Here are some fun reasons I’ve come up with as to why to read.

If you have any you’d like me to add please put them in the comments. If you want credit for it, please say yes, add my name and then how you’d like it to appear on the image.

Even if you don’t have any to add, please comment. Which is your favorite?

Thank you.

5 Reasons to Read - The Weather

Toxic Attention Paperback
Poisoned Promises paperback

Reasons to Read - Time of Day


Reasons to Read - My Comfort


Reasons to read - mood


Reasons to read - Confidence


Reasons to Read - Adventure


Concealed Inheritance paperback
Fractured Lines paperback
Tainted Waters paperback
Deadly Ties paperback
Fostered Identity paperback
Shadowed Footsteps paperback
Exploited Innocence paperback
Lost Tears paperback
Last Betrayal paperback
Captured Lies paperback
Deceitful Truths paperback
Split Seconds paperback

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