Leave Jasper for Valemount

In the journey across Canada through my first suspense novel, Captured Lies, you leave Jasper, Alberta and head to Valemount, BC. It is a small secluded place but is incredibly beautiful, nestled between the Rocky Mountains, the Monashee Mountains and the Cariboo Mountains. It is a popular place for summer or winter outdoor activities – hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, heliskiing, whitewater rafting – some of the popular adventures and reasons people visit.

Valemount was really discovered in the mid 1800’s, when people were passing through going from Ontario to the Cariboo Gold Fields. Once the railway made its way through the area in the early 1900’s, Valemount became a railway station in 1928. Today there are over 1000 residents who call it home. (To learn more: Valemount History)

So in Captured Lies, Bailey really has no idea why she has to go there she just knows that there is some answers. She is using her vague memory of when she was five and some clues her deceased mom left her. Guy and Bailey stop at a gas station right on the highway outside of Valemount and that is when Bailey takes off. Guy follows her to an old, abandoned Cabin. It is there that she finds a few clues from her past. It is also where one of the men trying to kill her catch up to her.



Visiting Valemount

I had the pleasure of spending a summer there many years ago with my family. We rented a cabin a few kilometers from Valemount. We were lucky enough to be there for the Salmon run. Now that is something to see. Where you see all the splashes in this picture are the salmon. I’ve never seen so many.

We stayed at the Twin Peaks Resort. The cabins were really nice and the area was spectacular. The Valemount area has many lakes, rivers, streams in the area. This next picture is of the Fraser River Falls. The cool thing was that salmon were trying to jump up and make their way further upstream. Many tried but we only saw a couple actually make it.

Valemount – a hidden gem

Valemount is such a beautiful, remote place to visit with so much to see. There is a lot of wildlife in the area. In fact when we were there, there were lots of bears in the area. With the plentiful food (the salmon) it was feast season for them.

In Captured Lies, Guy and Bailey are in a harrowing car chase through the trees. They are able to escape and now make their way towards Edmonton, Alberta. Stop by next week to learn more about Edmonton.


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