The Prairie Crime

Suspense/Thriller/ Mystery Series
"A very good read with unexpected twists..."
Exploited Innocence

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“… Awesom story. Intriguing. It just kept getting better and better…” HDG

New Release – May 9, 2023

It’s not only illegal… it’s lethal.

Bryana has only come home to find someone to work with her disabled mother. But she soon discovers she still has a burning anger for her father who abandoned them years before. It’s time he pays with his precious company, Pratner Fertilizer.

Lee hates Pratner Fertilizer. They killed his father and now, almost his uncle. Going undercover he uses the heir to get a job with the company.

Bryana believes she can use Lee to get answers and to take down her father. Only she discovers there is a whole lot more to his company than Fertilizer. Her father has been making a deadly chemical for years and has made millions off of it. How are they going to stop a man who has paid off government officials? Who knows how to play the game?

Poisoned Promises a new novel in the Prairie Crime Thriller Series.

“What a page turner!!” Ingrid

“I am momentarily speechless… this book is fantastic…” Gill

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What others are saying about


Poisoned Promises

“Oh, my goodness!!!! What a page turner!!  Could not stop reading…”


“An awesome book!!
This is a great family story of hurt, betrayal and love.”

Emmy MCabe

“Wow!! I am momentarily speechless. I have just finished reading this book and it is fantastic. It was so packed with tension and intrigue…”

Gill Clay

Oh that was so good, I didn’t want to put it down. As usual I love the twists and turns of your writing. Another hit for the mystery genre.

The characters are full of surprises and challenges. The story line is just as twisted as the characters…

Connie Nixon

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