I started to introduce you to where you travel in Canada in my suspense novel, Captured Lies. Last week, we started in Calgary, which is essentially where the story really gets going.

Her life was a lie. Bailey and Guy leave Calgary at night, as they are being chased by a man who is intent on killing Bailey. Only she has no idea why. She is trying to travel back in time to places that her and her recently deceased mother, lived when she was a child. As they moved a lot and usually on the street it was really tough for Bailey to figure out where she needed to travel to, to get answers.

She heads to Jasper but her goal is really Valemount, BC. (we’ll visit her next week).

Jasper, Alberta is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. I love the mountains so I might be a bit biased but it is absolutely stunning. The first recorded visit to the area was that of David Thompson ( a great name if I do say so – my maiden name – no I don’t think he’s related), in 1810. In 1813, The Northwest Company built a settlement which became known as Jasper House, which was then abandoned in 1884. In the early 1900’s the government established Jasper Forest Park which became Jasper National Park in 1930. There is a town within Jasper National Park called Jasper. There are a few ways to get to Jasper, at least in summer, highway 93 (which is from Lake Louise to Jasper) is my favorite drive but is closed in winter.


In Captured Lies, Guy and Bailey, while trying to get away from the bad guy and follow clues to Bailey’s past, they take a drive up Highway 93 to Jasper. Sadly they do it at night so they miss a lot but here are some pictures I’ve taken while doing that drive during the daytime.
The highway is in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, so you are surrounded as you drive down the highway. This is one that I took as we were driving. You can seen the rock slides near the top.
And this is why driving it at night can be a problem. There is a lot of wildlife around this highway, not so easily seen in the dark. This moose was so cool to see and s/he wasn’t far away.
A beautiful blue-green lake on the way to Jasper. I don’t remember the name though.

This is Maligne Lake near Jasper (about 40 kms away). It’s not in my story but it is such a beautiful lake and one that shows the color of the water in the area and the scenic beauty.

As you can see Jasper National Park is a beautiful place to visit and as is Jasper, the townsite.



Her life was a lie[/caption]In Captured Lies, Bailey and Guy stop just in Jasper to get some sleep. They stop at a motel and stay the night, or what’s left of it. The next day Bailey is trying to figure out where to go, while Guy is following up on finding information on the man who has been following them. Concerned that the man may have found them, they ditch their car for a rental. Sadly the woman at the rental car agency isn’t about keeping things confidential. Next week we’ll travel to Valemount, BC. 

The Caspian Wine suspense/thriller/mystery Series is a tangled web of secrets, lies, and deceit ...

3 dynamic women fighting to protect what is theirs…


What lengths will they go to, to discover who is telling the truth and who wants them dead? Three dynamic women protecting what is theirs.

Captured Lies - she was kidnapped not once but twice and now someone wants her dead. Her life is a lie! The woman who raised her isn't even related. Now she must untangle thirty years of secrets and lies to discover who she really is. But those who started it all will go to any lengths to stop her.

Deceitful Truths
 - A week of Tarin's life is missing. Now someone is trying to steal the secret she is desperate to protect. Who, but the person responsible for her lost days, would know anything? Who could be behind it? Unsure who to trust but desperate to get answers, Tarin must take the leap into the unknown and hopes that those she uses to find answers aren't the ones who ultimately could destroy her life.

Split Seconds – Tijan thought her twin died when they were 2. Now at 30 she discovers not only is her twin, Tarin, alive but the man who should have raised them both has just kidnapped her. Only he doesn't seem to know who she is. Pretending to be her sister should be easy, as they look identical but how does she pretend to be someone she just met once?

Family isn't always what it seems!

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Setting Caspian Wine Series in Canada

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