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I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I was planning on skydiving. I didn’t do it to get an idea for a story but I can tell you it sure gave me a lot to consider. It’s kind of a perfect activity and setting for a suspense/thriller, don’t you think?

Well, I didn’t chicken out. I went through with it and I am so glad that I did. Not only is it a cool thing to say I’ve done but it was one of those things that just gives you a whole different perspective. You can read about how this adventure came to be, here.

Where do I get my ideas?

It’s interesting I often get asked where I get my ideas for my stories. Well usually they are based on things I hear or see. Then I take that information and play with it and pull little pieces out of it and play ‘what if’. In all of my books there is some part of something I have experienced or some piece of information I want to share. Rarely though do I base any of my stories on an adventure I have had.

Well I think that may change. Skydiving was so unbelievably wow, I don’t even know how to describe it. Not a good thing for a writer, huh?

Before takeoff. Still smiling…

Skydiving – What a rush!

We chose Skydive Vancouver Island out of Qualicum Beach and did tandem jumping. I highly recommend them. They are friendly, have a ton of experience, they make you feel comfortable explaining matter-of-factly what is going to happen and then they deliver the adventure. I love that they are so passionate about what they do. I love their office.

I won’t lie, it has its scary moments. The flight up to 10,000 feet was so cool, not overly comfortable as 5 of you are crammed into a pretty small plane. The view, however of the ocean, the mountains, was incredible. Once you get to that height, the door opens and the first few seconds were that instinctive ‘holy crap’. But by then you are pretty much committed and really don’t have a choice to back out. The next thing you know you are free falling for 40 seconds. It is long and short all at the same time. Nothing like dropping at 200 km/hr. Then the shoot opens. This was the part I loved. You feel like you are hanging in the air, there is time to breathe, to take in the view and just enjoy the ride down. They even let you hold the ropes to the parachute. We did a few spins, loved it. By far my favorite part. Such a hoot.

“Skydiving, what an adventure.”

Read while free-falling?

Wouldn’t that be cool? I had thought I should have brought one of my books, maybe Split Seconds, and held it up while we were plummeting to the earth. πŸ™‚ I think that would have made such a cool picture. Maybe next time. I wonder if anyone has ever tried something like that? Or what the weirdest thing someone has taken up with them skydiving?


So funny to see how contorted my face got.

People were positive

In sharing that I was going to do this, it surprised me the positive support I got and the number of people who had done it. No one said, ‘you’re crazy’, which I had expected. Everyone said, ‘go for it’ and either ‘I did that’, ‘I plan to do that’ or ‘I couldn’t do that but way to go’. Everyone was positive about it. I love that. And I think that helped to make it so enjoyable. I never allowed myself ahead of time to really stop and think about it, at least not in a negative way. It was just something new and exciting we had planned.

The cool thing was that was how we brought in my kids 21st birthday. What a way to celebrate together.


The view… it was so amazing to look around and see for hundreds of miles while floating down.

I’m pretty sure that this adventure or parts of it will show up in one of my suspense/thrillers. It definitely gave me a lot of ideas.

Thank you Skydive Vancouver Island for an incredible adventure.

Just hanging out, enjoying the view and the ride.

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