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Would you? or Wouldn’t you?

Well, I’m going to sky dive. Eek! Yup scares the heck out me.

The idea actually came from my ‘almost legal everywhere’ daughter. I have twins, who are amazing young adults, and who did influence some of why I created a story about twins – Split Seconds.

My children have a milestone birthday in August and so wanted to do something different. Since my children and my husband and my birthdays all are within a month of each other, it seemed like a good idea to do something adventurous. I’ve done a few other adventurous things – white water rafter, ziplining and cable climbing in the trees (not sure what the real name for that is). For our birthdays, I’m not sure I was thinking of something quite so out there like skydiving though. I like to watch people doing it. And yes, sometimes I think they are a bit crazy.

It will be tandem skydiving. It is supposed to be relatively safe (if dropping out of a perfectly good airplane and free falling for 30 seconds at high speeds is safe). The really good part is that we will have one heck of a view. We are skydiving over the beautiful Vancouver Island. The passing out or throwing up I think is optional. 🙂

Would you or wouldn’t you?

We’ve actually booked the date. Still time to chicken out but I don’t think I will. I am pretty good about following through with something I commit to. I just try not to focus on what the negative of what could happen but more on ‘wow is this going to be an adventure’. 🙂

Have you ever done skydiving? or done something as adventurous? What spurred you into doing it?

And of course, any tips?

I’ll share about it after our adventure to let you know how it went.

If nothing else maybe it will spur an idea for my next novel.

Maybe a little much just to get an idea for a novel?

“What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?”

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