It was quite a journey to write.

I started writing Fractured Lines two years ago. Normally I can write a good book in three to six months. Then I spend about three to six months reviewing it, editing it and  filling in all the loopholes. This story was going good and then … life happened. You know what I mean? Those moments in time where you are pulled away from that which you want to do, to go and deal with that which you don’t really want to but have no choice. Now, this is nothing new, we all have things that happen and get in the way of what we want to do, right? Well life got in the way and kept me from writing. What was frustrating is that it took me over four months to get back to writing this story. 

Eek. I truly wondered if I was going to get it written.


Things were going good …

Fractured Lines, as with all of my stories, started with events that were happening in the world. Some even touched my life. I really liked the concept of the story and it was basically writing itself. Shh don’t tell anyone that. It was flowing. The story was growing. And then … I had to suddenly stop. Which was okay, that has happened before. It just means I get to play with it for a while, when I can’t write. But this time was different. I didn’t even have much time to think let alone play with this story. The struggle to get back to it was real. And then … when I finally got back to it, it just didn’t want to flow.

I didn’t know if I had the motivation.

Have you ever started something, been really excited about it and then had to stop? Getting started again can be tough. And getting back into writing this story was feeling almost impossible. I didn’t seem to be able to concentrate long enough to get a feel for the story. It turned out that backing off and just playing with the story was the answer. I had to read some and then just let that percolate—grow, blend, morph—in my mind. It took a while but finally I got it to percolate enough that it took off. Whew! I got immersed in it and got writing like crazy again. Which was good because otherwise I’d have abandoned it. I think. I haven’t abandoned one where I was this far along in it before but I also didn’t want to force it. What truly kept me going though was that I liked the story. I had a connection with it. 
When it started coming together a second time, I couldn’t have been happier.
Hope - DEspair - Andi's struggle
Andi, who is the main character, is taken by surprise when her mother starts hiding secrets from her and things start to happen in her life that don’t make sense. She is determined to find the truth. A truth that she doesn’t realize is very much tied to a past she knows nothing about.
Scott is ill and wants to right some wrongs. He doesn’t want to die with regrets as he has lived with them his whole life. He has to find a way to manage the guilt and shame and make things right for Andi. Unfortunately, there are those who do not want things to change or to have to atone for their sins.

I’m glad I Wrote it

As with each story I write, I get very caught up in the journey and the story. This one hit a little too close to home in some areas but I am thrilled that I wrote it and love the reviews that are coming in.

“… they worked to hide their love and their child … Complexities of the families’ businesses, not necessarily lawful and sometimes brutal, further kept them hiding their secret; while keeping this reader, on edge!”


“A truly fantastic story that has you hooked from the first page to the last.  So many twists and turns, just when you think you know where this story is going, another twist.” 


I am so glad that it came together finally. So  many things got in the way of writing and publishing this. I love the story and I am thrilled with the cover

It was truly a slow and steady pace that got me back into writing this story.

What do you do when life interrupts your project?

Fractured Lines Book Blurb

Family isn’t always what it seems.

Andi’s family has always been small, just her, her mom, and a few of her mom’s friends. But now her mom, her best friend, is suddenly hiding secrets. Big secrets. And avoiding her. The woman next door, who has been like a second mother, is now carrying a gun and sneaking around. And the man, Andi called Uncle Scott, has willed her a house in the country. But someone is already using it … to traffic drugs. Was Scott involved? Why did no one tell her he’d died? And why does her key unlock the mansion next door?

Marc, who has become her new neighbor, knows more than he’s telling her. But then he’s a lawyer and Scott’s friend. And living in a mansion that is well above his means. What is he hiding?

Unsure where to turn, Andi finds herself caught in a catastrophic lie. She turns to Marc to help her find the truth, hide the drugs, discover who they belong to, avoid being killed, and protect her family at all costs.

Maggie Thom

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